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Keep your pets looking and feeling their best!

At Katella Animal Clinic we provide a luxurious grooming experience for your pet. Most dogs and many cats love a good bath, clip and brush. Even if they do not enjoy the process they all seem to enjoy feeling clean and beautiful after the grooming is over.

Routine grooming is also a great way to check for any abnormalities that might signify a health problem. Our dog and cat groomers are trained by the veterinary hospital to look for early signs of cancer, unusual growths, weight loss and other signs that could indicate that your pet is ill. A regular groom at the animal vet clinic by our dog groomer or cat groomer will also cut down significantly on shedding and pet care at home.

The dog grooming services we provide here at the animal hospital include a warm bath with coat conditioner followed by a hand dry with warm air. Our dog groomer will then completely brush the coat out and apply fresh scented cologne and bows and a bandana if requested.

We offer many different types of standard breed clips and professional styling for our most discerning clients. Summer cuts are also available. In addition, during the grooming, we will make sure your dog’s pads and private areas are neatly trimmed. We will clean and deodorize your dog’s ears and clip and file their nails. Teeth brushing, eye wipes and flea protection are also available at the animal hospital. Our Anaheim dog groomer is able to expertly handle and groom difficult dogs with the owner’s prior approval.


Bath (Small): $30
Bath (Medium): $40
Bath (Large): $50-60
Groom (Small): $40-50
Groom (Medium): $45-55
Groom (Large): $55-65

Bath: $45
Groom: $55+

Sedation: $85.50

At Katella Animal Clinic, we offer cat grooming, too!

Many cats and especially long-haired cats benefit from being groomed on a regular basis. Cat grooming cuts down on fur ball production and is beneficial for the health of your cat. Our cat groomer at our veterinary clinic is skilled in handling and grooming cats. Cat grooming can include a bath, brush and clipping the private areas if necessary. Longhaired cats will matt up fairly quickly without routine grooming and the mats are both unsightly and uncomfortable for your cat. Some longhaired cats do well with just a belly and bottom trim while others seem to really enjoy a complete lion cut especially in summer.

Shorthaired cats enjoy being brushed and pampered and while most cats do not enjoy the bath they all seem to love being extra clean and silky after the bath is over. We will also clean your cat’s ears, eyes, brush their teeth, and check for fleas. One of the benefits of getting your animal groomed at our animal vet clinic is that it is always easy to purchase things like flea protection without making an additional trip.

High-quality veterinary care for the pets of Anaheim, CA and beyond.

Katella Animal Clinic is a full-service animal clinic located in Anaheim, CA. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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