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At Katella Animal Clinic, our expert veterinary team provides a variety of services to keep your companions feeling healthy and happy.

Preventative Care

Preventative procedures that are frequently associated with wellness exams include fecal exams and heartworm testing. These tests detect the presence of parasites within our furry friends that may be diminishing their quality of life. We believe that vaccines are an important part of preventative medicine but we also realize that not every animal will have the same vaccination needs. Our low-cost vaccines provide the opportunity for our patients to receive the care they need at a price they can afford.

We recommend annual wellness exams to keep our patients feeling their best! During a wellness exam, we will discuss your pet’s medical history and all current concerns. Our doctors will conduct a full-body, head-to-tail exam to get to know your pet and their needs. We will be able to answer all of your questions, address your concerns, and create a wellness plan tailored specifically to your dog or cat.


According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease? Don’t let your pets become part of this statistic!

Just as it’s important for you to see a dentist regularly, it’s important for dogs and cats as well. Your pet’s oral health is directly connected to their overall health. Signs of dental disease include bad breath, loose, broken or missing teeth, yellow or brown teeth, red, inflamed or bleeding gums, difficulty or pain when chewing, pawing at the mouth, and excessive drooling. If you notice any of these symptoms, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.

There are many aspects of veterinary medicine that contribute to the overall health of your pet. The physical exams at our animal vet clinic will give your family much-needed information about your pet’s health, and enable you to protect your pet’s health today and in the future.  The services we provide at our Anaheim animal vet clinic include preventive, routine, and surgical care. We provide pet dental care as both preventative and corrective care for all types of pets.

Many people have little knowledge of just how vital good oral health is to our overall health.  Unfortunately, even fewer realize how dangerous poor dental health can be for a dog or cat.  While many people in Anaheim may not think bad breath or browning teeth are real problems for domestic animals, it can literally mean the difference between health and sickness.  The state of our dental hygiene affects many other systems in our bodies, from our immune system to heart and lung function.  The same is true for your pets.

Due to the importance of overall dental health, we offer pet dental cleanings and other dental services at our animal clinic. During a cleaning, the teeth are cleaned, any plaque build-up is removed, the teeth are thoroughly flossed, and we provide a fluoride treatment to protect their teeth. Most of our dental services, including tooth cleaning procedures, are done under anesthesia for the comfort of the pet and to ensure effective and thorough treatment. Because good oral hygiene is instrumental to the overall health of your pet, we want to ensure that our dental treatments fully address any plague or oral issue your pet may have. Often, especially if pet owners are reluctant to implement at-home dental care, pets can be stressed by an oral exam or unwilling to sit for a cleaning. The use of anesthetic relieves any stress on the animal and ensures we can do a proper and comprehensive cleaning. We can provide non-anesthetic dental work, but only for special cases where a pet is elderly or is unable to anesthetize.

Though we perform them, our veterinary staff believes that tooth extractions are usually preventable. For the most part, if you routinely take care of your pet’s teeth, you may never have to bring them in for tooth extractions. Most extractions are necessitated by periodontal disease, which is by and large due to insufficient oral hygiene. As mentioned earlier, periodontal disease does not just cause tooth pain and decay, it can also affect other areas of your pet’s health such as their heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys, just to name a few.

The staff at our animal vet clinic can also provide you with instructions on how to maintain your pet’s dental hygiene in-between visits. Being educated on how to brush your pet’s teeth, choosing the right dental approved bones, and other skills can lessen the time spent at each cleaning. By caring for your pet’s dental health, you can maintain their overall health.

Internal Medicine

We work with your pet’s internal body systems, whether the illness is sudden or chronic due to: infection, cancer, degenerative, inflammatory, immune, or trauma. We emphasize minimally-invasive techniques and our advanced diagnostic procedures give us the power to effectively diagnose and treat your pet.


Our team is highly skilled and experienced in performing a wide variety of pet surgeries using modern techniques, cutting edge equipment and always adhering to the strictest standards of safety and care. You can feel confident that when it comes to surgery, your loved one will be in excellent hands with our team!

Low Cost Vaccines

The Katella Animal Clinic team is here to keep your pets protected! Many of the diseases that can affect dogs and cats are preventable through proper vaccinations. Let our knowledgeable team guide you through setting up a vaccination schedule for your dog or cat to keep him or her protected!

We provide vaccines for dogs and cats at a low cost to ensure the necessary vaccinations are accessible and no pet is left behind.


Our animal vet clinic in Anaheim offers a full range of services for various types of pets, and that includes pets with skin issues. As a special field of veterinary medicine, dermatology focuses on the disorders and issues of a pet’s skin.

Many skin problems can be prevented with regular grooming care and proper diet, which we will gladly teach you. There are, of course, some skin problems that occur despite these measures. In either case, pet dermatological issues should be treated immediately. It’s more than a matter of your pet’s comfort, it’s also a matter of their health, even their lives in some cases.

Dermatological problems break down into six main groups: skin infections, ear infections, ectoparasites, allergic dermatitis, heat rashes, and immune-mediated/autoimmune dermatoses. The challenge in dermatology is primarily in the diagnosis stage. Veterinary practitioners that do not take a particular interest in this field run a risk of misdiagnosing a skin problem and will usually make a referral. 

Skin infections include all skin diseases that are not heat-related, ectoparasitic, allergic or autoimmune in nature. They are bacterial or fungal and can either be a primary form of infection, or secondary to one of the other types of infection. Included primarily are bacterial pyodermas and fungal ringworms. Both infections are treated at our animal hospital with specialized shampoos and in extreme cases may be backed up by systemic support such as antibiotics. While the difference between the two infections is immediately apparent, it is worth mentioning that the shampoo for one infection should never be used to treat the other.

Ear infections can be caused by a wide variety of anatomical, allergen, parasitic and obstructive causes. The secondary causes are either bacterial or fungal. At our animal vet clinic in Anaheim, we follow a two-step procedure to cure ear infections. First, we have to get the infection under control, then we have to find and eliminate the cause of the infection. Depending on the severity of your pet’s case, this could require several visits until the cause can be determined and removed.

Ectoparasites include skin problems caused by fleas, mites, ticks, mosquitos, and other biting parasites. In particular, cases, when your pet is allergic to a parasite, ectoparasitic infections can cross over into allergic dermatitis problems. Depending on the parasite in question, these problems can be easy or difficult to diagnose and treat. Treatment is usually accomplished by dips, shampoos or baths and preventative repellants.

Allergic Dermatitis is notoriously hard to diagnose. If a general veterinarian cannot make a referral to a more knowledgeable vet, the course of treatment can often be a trial and error process. In order to properly treat these problems, the veterinarians at our animal hospital have to diagnose what specifically your pet is allergic to–it could be anything from fleas, environmental factors, to its food. Only then can he prescribe the proper treatments or dietary changes.

Heat Rashes appear as red bumps on your pet. They will normally correct themselves after a couple of days. In the meantime, treatment involves soothing ointments to relieve itching. We will also try to determine the conditions that caused the heat rash in order to prevent it in the future.

Immune-mediated or Autoimmune Dermatosis is dermatology disorders that are essentially caused by the pet’s natural defense mechanism mistaking normal tissue for foreign tissue. In short, the pet’s defense attacks itself. The two most common autoimmune dermatoses are discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE) and pemphigus foliaceus (PF). DLE is characterized by nose depigmentation, swelling, and smoothing of the texture, and it’s sun-aggravated. Usually, it is not a serious veterinary problem, but sometimes it can cause cracking and bleeding. In more severe cases, topical or oral steroids may be used to keep the symptoms down. PF is a much more serious problem. Lesions and crusting can form, footpads can crack and your poor furry kid is in complete misery. The diagnosis of this problem has to be made carefully since the only course of treatment is immunosuppression. Your pet’s immune system has to be kept at a careful balance where the PF doesn’t act up, but not leaving your pet open to illness.

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