All of us at Katella Animal Clinic are delighted that you have discovered our website and blog. Our veterinary hospital has provided the finest pet care services since 1958, and now we have a whole new platform for helping people and pets — this blog! If this is your introduction to our services, take a moment to learn what we can do for your menagerie.

The Animal Vet Clinic that Makes Housecalls

Yes, you read that correctly. If for any reason you cannot take your furry friend to the veterinary hospital yourself, contact us and our Anaheim veterinarian will pay a personal visit. We can pick up your pet and proivde it with safe, timely transporation to our animal hospital, where our diagnostic reources includes ultrasound and radiology (x-ray) technologies. Our clinic offers vaccinations, dental care, dermatology, spaying/neutering, boarding and other services. We even have a groomer on staff to make sure your pet’s fur and nails remain clean, trimmed and healthy.

But our efforts to serve pets and their owners extend beyond the animal vet clinic itself. Our clients get more than just a veterinarian — they get a trusted advisor on all aspects of pet health. You may have noticed the wealth of information we provide through this website, from pet selection to everyday care. This blog will let us take our educational role a big step further through regular helpful hints and news items. We know our readers want to become the best pet owners they possibly can be — and we want to help.

So now that you have learned a little more about our animal hospital, website and blog — what else can we do for you? Do you have a specific question or concern that we can address, either on this blog or in person? Are there specific topics you would like to see us discuss here? If so, just let us know. We want to make Anaheim a happier, healthier, more well-informed place, one pet at a time!